Decent enough day today. Somewhat productive too.

Sat down this morning with viro and davej and worked through the weird anaconda interaction with mounting cramfs over loopback. Kind of wacky place where a kernel hack had been removed and then broke anaconda. Quite lovely, simple workaround, though.

Then, a couple of meetings with lunch thrown in for good measure.

Spent the afternoon poking at a variety of things. Some looking at parted, some trying to beat things into building, some bug crunching and an attempt to start looking at SELinux in the context of anaconda.

Grabbed dinner with Paul Gampe (head of internationalization from the Brisbane office). Was good to see him again and get a chance to sit down and talk with him. That group really doesn't get enough credit, both the i18n engineering side and the translation side. And Paul's just a good guy.

Then back to the office and try some more to look at SElinux. Got distracted instead by oddities keeping dhcp from working in some cases in the loader. Bleah. Eventually bugged out around 11 and came home.

Random minor rant. All of the complaining I had about roads in North Carolina? I take it back. The roads here are far far worse. And the signage? Horrendous.

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