Decent day today. Slept in a little later than I planned but not too bad. Woke up and unpacked a little before heading into work. Forgot that I had a 10 am meetings. Oops. Oh well.

Got to work and did my usual catchup. Then, started unpacking hardware and setting up my office. Spent most of the afternoon doing that. Also helped rack a machine for QA. Stuck around for a while just puttering around looking at a few things and starting to set things up in my office. A bit left to go on that, but I should be able to knock it out tomorrow I think. And then I can get back to doing work.

Went and picked up a couple of lamps on my way home (one for the living room, one for my bedroom and one for work). Came home and started the task of setting up my entertainment center. Have it mostly done now, at least, the stuff I really use. Should be pretty easy to finish this weekend. Also going to try to finish unpacking the rest of the stuff I care about this weekend. That'll just then leave boxes of books in my office until I (someday) get some bookcases.