So, I haven't really written much of late. So, to summarize some. Went to Hickory for Christmas for a few days. Was nice. Kind of boring, per usual. Read a bit, watched some TV. Essentially did not much of anything.

Came back to Raleigh and spent a lot of the week packing. Also tried to spend as much time as possible just hanging out with friends before I leave. Managed to pretty much take the time off for a change, which was kind of different — only went into work two times during the time off. Once to send a fax, check my mail and things like that. Then went in on Sunday to actually get some work done. Did keep up with e-mail and help people out on IRC throughout, but I don't generally think of that as work.

Today was back to work for real. Got some things done for the RHEL3 update release that needed doing and just sort of settled back into getting some things done. Also worked on some of the preparations for moving. Went to trivia tonight where we didn't win, but had fun anyway. It was the one year anniversary of the first trivia night at King's so they had giveaways; I actually won one of the shirts.

Tomorrow have a meeting starting at far too early in the morning and lasting the entire time. Should be exciting.