*yawn* Busy weekend

Friday night, played chauffeur a little and then came home and relaxed a little. Intended to go see Bad Santa, but the show I was going to see was cancelled or sold out or something. So, came back home and watched an episode of Alias instead.

Saturday, slept in and then went out to Now Audio Video with to help him look at stereo systems as well as look at speaker upgrade for myself (since I got my system from there just under a year ago and you can do a trade-up of your speakers within the first year, which I plan to take advantage of 🙂 Then, went and finished up my Christmas shopping. Came home and eventually headed to dinner with a pile of folks at Pulcinella. Good as always. Home again and watched Secretary. Then, some minor degree of sorting things to be able to start thinking about packing, although I didn't have boxes to actually pack into.

Today, woke up and grabbed lunch. Then, went to Petsmart to pick up a few things so that Marshall will be able to fend while I'm gone for a few days the end of the week. Came home and began the process of going through my closet. Threw out oodles of stuff. Also started a list of things that I want to get rid of — a few of them, I'd like a little for, but for the most part, having someone just take it would be nice 😉 Otherwise, to the dumpster it will go. Will probably post that list here later tonight or tomorrow. Made fairly decent progress on starting to pack, although I've still got oodles and oodles of stuff to do. Also managed to do laundry at the same time.

Only thing I really wanted to get done that I didn't was wrapping of presents. And I might either do that later this evening, or if not, doing it some other time in the next few days isn't a huge problem.

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