Felt like I didn't get anything of consequence done at work today. Did manage to mail off the lease for my new apartment, sat in some meetings, interviewed someone, and did a couple of tiny things. But nothing that I wanted to look at. *sigh*

Went to the hockey game tonight, Hurricanes managed to win somehow. Scored in the last minute to tie it and then won in overtime.

Oh, and to flesh out the fun of my apartment hunting… so, when I was up there last week, I saw an apartment that I liked and was going to get a really good deal on in Arlington. The people currently living there had bought a house and were looking to sublet and so were going to subsidize the rent somewhat. I called the broker I was working with back on Sunday and told him I was sending him the check and he said okay, he'd get the place taken off the market. Spent Monday flying back. Tuesday, called the broker and found out that someone had gotten the apartment out from under me. Was very annoyed, to say the least. He said he was going to look into some things and get back to me.

Wednesday morning, he called back and said that the apartment just below was exactly the same and that it was available for rent. So, I'm going to end up there and paying more. But otherwise, pretty good. At least I don't have to go back up there and look around again. Should be a nice place — right in the middle of Arlington by all kinds of restaurants, shops, etc.

Now to just get through all of the details of moving.

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  1. Leaving the triangle area?

    So, wait. You’re leaving the Triangle area? Where are you going? And why? Apparently I missed something somewhere. Just curious…

  2. Yeah, look back over some of my previous friends-only posts from the past month or so… I’m relocating to the Boston area to work out of the office up there.

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