Ahhh, kernels fresh from the build system from before all the packages even finish building 😉

[katzj@edoras katzj]$ uname -a
Linux edoras.local.net 2.6.0-0.1.14 #1 Wed Dec 17 23:43:54 EST 2003 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

I'll avoid major spoilers, but I enjoyed it a lot. Easily the best movie of the trilogy. The battle scenes were simply amazing.

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  1. Fine, here’s some spoilers:

    Romeo and Juliet die at the end.
    Oedipus kills his father and marries his mother.
    Darth Vader is Luke’s father.
    Cassandra spills out the whole story at the beginning, but no one listens to her and Troy is sacked via a scheme involving a big wooden horse filled with Greeks.
    Apollo 13 makes it home safely.
    Hal9000 kills the crew.
    Sarah Connor crushes the Terminator in a metal press.
    Khan is killed in the Genesis explosion while Kirk escapes.
    Spider-man kills the Green Goblin.
    ET phones home and a spaceship comes to rescue him.
    Ripley blows the Alien out an airlock.
    Major Kong rides an H-Bomb to the target and the Doomsday Weapon is detonated.
    The Planet of the Apes is really Earth.
    Butch and Sundance get killed by the Peruvian Army.
    Spartacus gets crucified.
    The Titanic sinks.
    Ingrid and Humphrey don’t get together at the end of Casablanca.
    The dog was named Indiana.
    Michael becomes the Don after his father has a heart attack.

    Gandalf comes back to life, Aragorn is crowned King, and Gollum bites the ring off Frodo’s finger and is subsequently pushed off the ledge into the fire of Mt. Doom, destroying both.

  2. You forgot some…

    Verbal Kint is Keyser Soze.
    Leonard killed all those people.
    Randall Flagg is the Devil.
    Maximus is killed in the arena.
    Scrappy Doo is the villian.
    Zed’s dead, baby.
    Perseus saves Andromeda.
    Master Li Mu Bai is killed by Jade Fox’s poison.
    Lee kills Han.

    …and because it’s my favourite holiday film:
    Rosebud is his sled.

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