Actually got some work done at the office yesterday, surprisingly enough. Checked out of the Regency and got Donald to give me a ride down to Cambridge. Staying with and who were nice enough to let me stay with them at the last minute when my previous plans hit difficulties. Went with them to dinner at Legal Seafood, which was quite good, as I remembered from my last time in Cambridge. Also went by the FSF offices to pick some stuff up, which was somewhat interesting.

Woke up this morning and wandered up to look at some apartments. Found one place which seemed really nice. Trying to decide if I should just bite the bullet and go for it or if I should look at some other places. It's definitely a nice apartment and the price is reasonable given the size and location — I'd actually probably have a hard time finding something that's a better location for both getting to work and into the city.

Then came back and poked around for a while. Eventually ran out with since she had errands to run and I figured it was a good way to get to see more of the city. Randomly ran into Donald while out, I think he's stalking me or something 🙂

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