Still in sunny (okay, not so sunny — really kind of rainy) Westford. Another day of meetings yesterday. Today I'm going to try to get to know parts of the area better with the assistance of some of my cow-orkers up here.

Annoying bit. Yesterday morning when I woke up, the hotel I'm staying at had no power. Call the front desk, some idiot who can't drive took out the power pole. Okay, fine, take a shower etc in the dark. I've done it before, it's just kind of annoying. Work all day, go to dinner and go back to the hotel with the thought of looking some at some stuff. Find that they've brought in a generator so that there's power and heat (good) but the phone lines and thus their internet connection are still down. So, no looking at stuff for me. Read for a bit and then went to bed early and caught up on sleep some.

Now back at the office and catching up on mail and stuff and trying to look a little at getting work done.