Woke up and grabbed lunch with some folks. Then, talked with my parents just to catch up as I usually do on the weekend. Asked my dad if it would be a bad idea if I bought myself one of the iRiver iHP-120 ogg players — since he said it wouldn't be a bad idea, I went and bought one. Not exactly an impulse buy as I've been looking at all of the Ogg players for months now. Since laptops don't work well as music players on planes, figured now was as good a time as any.

Quick summary from 20 minutes or so playing with it is that I like it.

Now, to move components around so I can boot my old desktop box with the bigger hard drive and the USB2 card I bought so that I can transfer music to the thing at something approaching a sane speed 🙂

7 thoughts on “293520”

  1. I know people who have purchased both at this point. Only one of 4 or so people is really happy with the Karma — lots of firmware problems (there are firmware upgrades available which help a lot) and some actual hardware problems with the jog dial being flaky, etc. On the other hand, all of the people I know who got the iRiver have been happy with it.

  2. Also, what I’ve heard about the Java interface for transferring stuff to the Karma didn’t excite me all that much… I probably could have tcpdump’d what it was doing and written something but it’s far easier to just mount the thing and copy files and have it work.

  3. More the size, really… the Neuros is one of the larger players out there these days 🙁

    I still think that the Neuros rules and salute them for being the first to market

  4. so how big is the ihp-120? i mean, i see dimensions listed everywhere, but i can’t get a feel for how big it is compared to, say, an ipod.

    the rio nitrus is $120 on Buy.com right now…almost worth it.

  5. It seems a little bit taller than the ipod and maybe a tad thicker too. It quite easily fits in my pocket, though. Not in the same league as the Nitrus obviously as it’s the 20 gig instead of the 1.5 (although iRiver also has a 1.5 gig)

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