In Hickory now. The drive was fairly bleah. Traffic wasn't too bad, but until I got to the west side of Greensboro, it poured. So, people thought that it was a good idea to go 45 down I-40. *grumble*

Cleared up, though, and wasn't bad aside from the whole driving into the sunset bit. Definitely a lot cooler on this side of the front.

Now, I'm sitting in my parents' house checking mail and going through bugzilla while waiting on people to actually get home from work.

One thought on “291129”

  1. I’m still up here in Boone, where it is snowing. I think we’ve already gotten a little over an inch, not to mention the roads are slushy and a lot of black ice patches. So yeah, its a little cooler on this side of the foothills.

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