Happy Thanksgiving folks.

Still in Raleigh and having a Thanksgiving dinner with some folks up here since my mom is working today and tomorrow. Then, head to Hickory tomorrow and have Thanksgiving with my family on Saturday. If I don't have turkey again for a few weeks, I'll probably be good for that.

Turned on my desktop box yesterday afternoon to grab some of the Christmas music off of it and then it crashed when I ran out to the store. Now it doesn't seem to want to boot. So, might have to break down and actually order a new one now. Or I'll just continue on my using a laptop only trend and get some sort of consumer NAS box to use for storage of things like trees and my oggs. Will try to resucitate the box first, though I don't have much hope of being successful in doing so. Oh well, it's not like I really use the box for that much anymore anyway.