Nice, quiet relaxing weekend really. Kind of nice for a change.

Friday night, grabbed dinner with , and . Afterwards, came back to my place and caught up watching old SNL episodes where we were joined by anna, msw, and nathan (side note: SNL this season really hasn't been very good, alas :/) Then, watched Dogma.

Slept in on Saturday and woke up and grabbed lunch. Then went to run around and waste some time where I managed to pick up a few CDs and Mario Kart Double Dash. Came home and spent a while playing the latter. Eventually headed out for dinner and then saw Elf again.

Today, slept in again and then woke up and had lunch. Came home, started doing laundry and spent the afternoon playing more Mario Kart. Dinner, TiVo watching and multiple loads of laundry it is now now.

So, not bad as such things go. I really need to avoid waiting until I have five loads of laundry to do, though…

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