So, ended up working on work stuff most of the weekend. I probably should have instead a) relaxed or b) worked on my analysis homework. Figures. Oh well, at least I feel like I got a quite a bit accomplished. Even if I did have to fight with the buildsystem far more than would be considered reasonable by anyone else — must try to figure out what's going on there tomorrow. Pretty much have anaconda in shape for both of the RHEL updates as well as getting things set for python 2.3.

Did sit down this evening and work on my analysis homework for a little bit. I think I've got good answers for three of the five problems — I'll sit down and figure out the other two Tuesday night.

Plans for this week:

  • Catch up on bugzilla backlog (33 mails marked new in that folder plus some other stuff that I didn't leave the mail marked new for — need to do better about triaging that as it comes in)
  • Start on anaconda + 2.6
  • Try to unscrew rawhide with respect to selinux so that I can at least feel vaguely safe running it

Might jet out of work a little early tomorrow night to join and for a bit at Flying Saucer before going to trivia. Or crap, I just remembered, there is no trivia tomorrow night. Bleah. That sucks.

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  1. No, bingo was just due to a death in the family of the trivia-meisters. Last week was trivia as usual. This week, there’s a concert instead, IIRC.

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