Hmmm, so past two days.

Yesterday was msf's last day at Red Hat. Kind of sad and sobering as he's one of the people that's been there literally forever. And it leaves me as the only installer guy. Strange to think that when I started there were four other people working on it. Worked on trying to get everything in shape for the Fedora release and got mooosttt of it taken care of.

Then headed to trivia. Or not trivia as ended up being the case. Bingo instead. Nowhere near as much fun. Hung out for a while and eventually got home, finished packing and headed to sleep.

Didn't sleep very well as I was quite worried about sleeping through my alarm. Woke up with the first alarm at 5 am and got ready and then headed to the airport. Flight was fine, although it was quite a puddle jumper. Then made it to the Westford office without any real incident. Checked my mail and tried to get a little bit of work done, then had lunch, then meetings all afternoon.

Went rock climbing at a local indoor rock climbing place with some of the folks from the office this evening. I had never been before, but had fun. They go pretty regularly and are therefore fairly good. They seemed surprised that I had never done it before with how well I did. I know there's a place in Raleigh, so I might actually have to look into doing that occasionally. Although I have a feeling I'll be a little bit sore in the morning from it.

Then, dinner and now at the hotel trying to catch up on mail and do a little more work. Going to crash pretty soon probably, though.