So, yesterday I slept in a bit (big shock there, I know… me sleep in, on a weekend? never happens). Woke up and got up and went hunting for a Halloween costume. Found something, not all that great, but it's decent enough.

Then, to the fair with , , Nalin and Nitin. It was a bit insanely crowded. Lines didn't really function as lines are usually thought to. Instead, there were just sort of clusters of people. So, to get on a ride, we just picked a point in the cluster and got in there. Some might call it line breaking, I claim that a line must exist for it to be broken. Ohly rode one ride, though, as the whole thing was kind of ridiculous even so. Also had my share of death food for the year, as is fitting for attending the fair. I really need to go back one year with an accelerometer, though. And make it a point in the future to go during the week instead of the weekend. The fair was pretty fair-ish, though — about what was expected.

Then, to the Halloween party being thrown by one of the Epic guys. Nice house. And a pretty good party, too. Lots of artists around — I am somewhat impressed at the number of artists that Epic has. Talked to most of the people there at one point or another and it was interesting to get an eye into the different viewpoint of game development.

Today was much lazier. Sat around for a long time earlier today doing very little. Eventually got motivated to head into work and poked at some stuff for a couple of hours. Ran to Petsmart to pick up some cat food and then came home. Watched a little bit of stuff on the TiVo and then went to dinner. Came home and worked a little on my analysis homework that's due Friday. I don't think it should be too bad to do. I got at least partway through all of the problems.

Now, I think I'm going to do some of the reading on selinux that I want to do before I get up to Westford. Tomorrow, have class and then need to work at least most of the afternoon. Hopefully will be able to split out a little early so I can come home and clean up a little and pack. Then, trivia and get to bed early so that I can wake up for my flight Tuesday morning.