Halloween Party.

Basically the email I sent out (so that if there are people who I didn't send it to but are reading here and want to come, you're more than welcome). Directions and phone number removed for the usual reasons — contact info is in my userinfo.

To carry on the grand tradition of Halloween parties, even with Pam and Spot up in the great northern expanses of Chicago, we will be hosting a Halloween party on Halloween, Friday, October 31st at 8:30 pm at our apartment, and you're invited! Feel free to bring along anyone else who's interested in coming or forward the mail to anyone I might have forgotten or anything of that sort. Especially as I'm pretty sure thereare people I've forgotten.

As is usual for Halloween parties, costumes aren't required but they arestrongly encouraged. Directions below. If you get lost, the number here is XXX-XXXX. Please let me know if you're planning on coming just so that I have an idea ofhow many people will show up, and also, any help with beverages or snacks is appreciated. We'll have some drinks, but if there's something specific you want, be sure to bring it.

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