Pretty good weekend. Grabbed dinner at Lilly's on Friday with , , and msw. While we were sitting there, Nathan showed up. Huge shock. Especially as I had guessed something similar might happen. Started to drizzle, but didn't rain too bad as we were sitting there. Decided to go see Runaway Jury and headed out just before it really started raining. Well done movie, I enjoyed it quite a bit. The interactions between the characters was fairly well done. The next little while really does seem like it's going to be a good period for movies.

Yesterday, slept in and then ran around doing some things for a while in the afternoon. The weather was absolutely wonderful. Mid-60s, sunny, barely a cloud in the sky. If only we could have weather like that all the time. Eventually headed back home and had several refugees from the installfest sitting at my dining room table with laptops. Went to dinner, but then bailed on the movie. Didn't really feel a need to see Kill Bill again (yet) or Rundown. Watched some things on the TiVo instead and worked on the wedding pictures. Going to burn them to a CD tonight so that I can take it into work and upload from there; trying to avoid having Earthspring/RR get too annoyed about bandwidth usage.

Today, slept in again and eventually woke up and went to try to get a haircut. Was given far too long of a wait time, so bailed on that — it can wait until next weekend really. Went to the office and convinced the printer to print some stuff — third chapter of my matrix theory class and some SELinux docs and the presentation on udev from OLS. Another tree bites the dust :/ I just can't really bring myself to really read and absorb things off of pdfs on a screen a lot of the time. Came home and started to study for my matrix analysis test and fell asleep. Oops :/ Woke up, grabbed dinner, came home and got back to it. Now most of the way through and going to take a break to watch some TV and then finish up. I really am not all that worried as I'm reasonably good at BS'ing my way through matrix stuff, even if I don't exactly know the answer. And we only have to answer 4 or 5 of the 6 or 7 problems.