Spent most of yesterday catching up on mail and bugzilla. Kind of what I expected to do, but it was still vaguely annoying. Did manage to get a little bit of “real” work done, though. Headed out and grabbed a quick dinner at Wendy's so that I could make it to trivia on time — ran into Daniel Wong there, so sat and talked with him over dinner. He's TA'ing for 451 so we talked about it and the professor a bit. Then, to trivia — we did vaguely okay, but it was a short night (only three rounds) in honor of one of the regulars, who works for us, moving to Australia. After that, stuck around for a while and talked for a bit with the Epic folks — one of them is actually one of their artists, so he had a somewhat different view on things which was kind of interesting. It's interesting how artsy geeks are very different from technical geeks in many ways, yet the same in many ways as well. Also ran into Yinon, so briefly talked to him.

Today was … interesting at least. Spent most of the afternoon working on some Fedora things and trying to get things straight as well as booking a flight to Boston for two weeks from now. Folks up in Boston — I'll be heading up there for meetings at our Westford office from the 28th through the 30th of this month. Although I'll be in meetings the entire days I'm there, I hope to be able to get away for dinner at least.