Wow, what a weekend. Busy, busy, busy but it was really really nice.

Thursday, picked up my tux and then headed to Hickory to have dinner with my parents and grandparents. My mom cooked a pot roast and it was quite good. Sat around and talked for a while afterwards and then eventually they went to bed and I poked around online a bit and watched a movie.

Woke up on Friday mid-morning-ish and puttered around a little before heading out for Monroe. Drive wasn't too bad, although driving down Independence was kind of annoying due to the sheer number of lights. Checked into the hotel and headed out to the Manor House. Got there about half an hour early, so sat and read for a while. Eventually everyone else showed up and we rehearsed so that surprises could be avoided for the actual ceremony. Went back to the hotel and changed and talked with some folks for a short bit before heading out for the rehearsal dinner. Rehearsal dinner was nice, got to talk with and a bit as I was at the same table as them. The present for the groomsmen was appropriate for a bunch of geeks — USB pendrives 😉

After that, back to the hotel and a group of about six of us headed out to see Kill Bil. That has to have been the worst theater I have seen a movie at in years, if not ever. Weird glare on the screen from the projection booth and *horrid* sound problems. Oh well, we had fun anyway. Went outside and it was pouring. Ugh, kept hoping for no rain Saturday.

Woke up Saturday morning and Jo and I ran around doing various errands for things that thought of at the last minute as well as getting together stuff for their car and a bag for their hotel room. We were pretty nice/tame.

Lunch with , , Jo, Bob and MattG. Then, went back to the hotel and headed back to the Manor House for the wedding itself. Short summary is that everything went *very* well. The weather was perfect, nothing was set on fire, things ran on time, no one said “no”, etc 😉 Reception was nice as well and I got a chance to at least briefly talk with and .

Eventually headed back to the hotel, took care of various other things and eventually headed to bed.

Today, woke up, went through some of the pictures that were taken (to be posted in the next day or three), had lunch and headed back to Raleigh. Since getting back, I've lazed around and mostly caught up on my email. More to go tomorrow, but it's good enough for tonight.

Anyway, congrats go to and who are now happily married — the two of them had these large grins on their face the whole night and it was great to see and be a part of.

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  1. Wait, I said yes? Uh oh…

    Thank you so much for the bag in the hotel room, it was awesome! Did you also arrange the champaigne?

  2. Glad you liked it. And yes, Jo and I were also responsible for the champagne — Jo went down to the hotel and convinced them to make sure it was cold for when you got there.

    Now, really, get off the internet and go have fun!

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