Been a busy week, as I expected.

Monday was mid-term in functional analysis and some minor fires at work. Still made it out reasonably and went to trivia where we did mediocre (well, our score was pretty good, but everyone's was, so it didn't end up being that useful 🙂 Also ran into some of the guys from Epic Games and talked with them some.

Tuesday was a nitemare. Didn't start off well when our weekly meeting was quite painful due to talking about some stuff that is sure to be unfun. Then, proceeded to have a variety of other problems crop up as the day progressed. Eventually left and had dinner at Porter's, then came home and did homework.

Today was a little less bad, luckily. Spent the day looking at various things and then came home and caught up on my TiVo watching while doing laundry and doing some mirroring of things to the laptop. Downside of today was noticing it was warm, so hunting around and discovering that my AC has frozen over — *sigh*. Basically packed and am ready to head out tomorrow, although I'm going to run some errands first (pick up some new CDs for the trip, pick up the tux) and will probably at least somewhat work a bit in the morning/early afternoon.

If I'm scarce through the next bit, though, that's why — then Sunday will be lots of fun catching up.