Not much new or different really to speak of. Went to trivia last night, did mediocre. They said that we couldn't request rounds based on physics, math or computers, which is kind of silly — you'd almost think they were out to get us or something. 🙂 Was sitting there and working out analysis problems part of the time, which was kind of disturbing and probably didn't help our score 😉

Today, slept in a little since we didn't have our morning meeting. Then, spent the day just puttering around and fixing random things. Lots to fix, but I don't know that there's anything too horribly bad. Except maybe some redhat-config-packages stuff.

Forgot about LUG and went to dinner. Remembered as we were almost finished eating, oh well. Came home and did some cleaning. Now going to relax and read for a bit. So, to the comfy chair!