Busy, busy, busy.

Class Monday morning, then to work where I banged out a variety of things to try to help get some of the fedora stuff rolling. Left at a reasonable time and went to trivia where we did mediocre. Fun as usual, although the categories did kind of suck imho 😉

Today, worked all day and found an annoying fairly large problem at about 3:30 or 4. Started beating on it and made some progress on it. I think that the whole concept is completely busted, but I think I've at least triaged it so that it will work to the degree that it always has (and actually, a bit better than that in reality)

Went by Border's on the way home and picked up a copy of Quicksilver since it came out today and I've been looking forward to reading it. Made myself finish Diary first, though, so wrapped that up tonight. It was pretty good, in the way that Chuck Palahniuk's books usually are. Decided against starting on Quicksilver, though, as if I had, I would stay up all night reading it. Instead, going to leave work at a reasonable time tomorrow and read in it for a while.

I noticed I've been reading quite a bit recently, more than I had been for a few months. Not a bad thing at all, just interesting to notice. And also, have been watching a far smaller number of movies.