And so the week begins anew…

Managed to drag myself out of bed this morning and went to class. Proofs, proofs, proofs. Not bad, though. Bus heading back to Centennial was kind of crowded, oddly, though it emptied out fairly quickly. It was such a nice day, too… surprised more people weren't walking; I would have except for having too much to do at work.

Got to work and caught up on mail and started back looking at evo a bit. Still no progress. Also poked at a few other things.

Left work a little early to have dinner with , who was in town. Had a good time — miss being able to see her and more regularly :/ Looking like I might go up to Chicago in January, which should be interesting with the weather and all.

Also spent some time this evening looking around at hurricane forecasting stuff what with everyone's current interest (mine included, I can't really deny it) in watching Isabel's path. I used to see a lot of weather-related stuff because my dad would watch the weather channel all the time. It's interesting now because a lot more of the information is readily available via the web. I've also done some reading of a few abstracts about some of the computer models used and how they judge their accuracy (or “skill” as it is referred to). Kind of neat stuff, and a nice application of lots of math. Another one of those things that I used to be somewhat interested in and has sort of slid by the wayside as I've gotten older. I should go by the library at NCSU tomorrow or Wednesday and find some actual books on the subject — I can probably find stuff including the math without too much difficulty looking there and I always enjoy reading about practical applications of math.