What a complete lack of productivity this weekend has basically been.

Spent most of the afternoon on Friday at work trying to track down where evolution is segfaulting on startup on ia64. It would help if gdb didn't quite suck so much on ia64 (if you think it sucks elsewhere, try it on an “odd” platform sometime). Then, ate dinner at Lilly's and went to see Matchstick Men. Fun movie and fairly well done to boot.

Yesterday, planned to get up and be productive. Ended up spending the afternoon sitting around and watching some stuff on the TiVo. Also, finished reading Through the Looking Glass. Went to dinner, then wandered around Border's for a little while. Nothing jumped out at me, though, and it's not like I don't still have books sitting beside my bed to read. Came home and watched an episode of Alias and then The Good Thief. I thought that the latter was fairly slow and not all that well done to be honest. Oh well, it was Netflixed.

Slept in a bit more than I intended to today, but so it goes. Feel quite well-rested as a result at least. Eventually woke up and made it out to get my hair cut. Came home and poked some more at evolution while watching Panic Room. Decent enough movie — wouldn't have paid to see it in the theater but not bad in the context that I saw it.

Also sat around a little and read in The Salmon of Doubt. It's interesting — the first part at least was better than I expected. I think that's because most of the book is actually just little snippets of things that appeared elsewhere (and were “finished”) and only the end is the unfinished part. We'll see what I think of it. I've only put off reading it for a while now.

Now, to look a little at my linear transforms homework for this week and maybe look some more at the evo crash. This week promises to be … interesting at least. Especially depending on what Isabel decides to do.