Hrmm, it's been a day. Started off the day being really tired for some reason (might have been the weather, I've noticed that I'm always more tired on mornings when it's dreary and overcast). Class was okay — few people were talking about the linear transforms homework and saying it was hard, so I figured I should work on it tonight.

Knocked out a few things at work — didn't quite get to everything I wanted to, but that's okay, there's tomorrow. Dinner at Mo Joe's with some work folks, back to the office to work a little more and then headed home.

Knocked out my linear transforms homework quickly. I really have to wonder if I'm missing something on the third problem because it was far too easy as I read it. I'll read over it again tomorrow as I only did the proofs on scratch paper for now.

Then, watched another episode of Alias and now I'm poking around at some stuff for work and wasting time.