Not a bad weekend. Feel a little bad about the fact that I didn't get any work to speak of done, but so it goes. I'll just have to do more this week. I work better under time pressure anyway.

Went to the installfest on Saturday. Ended up looking at a vast majority of the machines there for one reason or another. Also got suckered into looking at X on ancient video cards in ancient machines. I know that everyone goes on and on about how Linux and *BSD, etc, are great because they run on older hardware, but sheesh.

After the installfest, went by Border's and broke my “no books until the pile beside my bed is done” rule. At least I'm getting through two books for every one I buy now and the pile beside my bed isn't in danger of toppling all the time 🙂 Dinner at Porter's and then watched The Rock

Today, slept in a bit. Eventually woke up and read a bit and then went for a late lunch at the Farmer's Market. Sooo goooddd… walked around and got some fresh peaches while I was there and then came home and took a short nap. Watched The Tailor of Panama this evening which would have been okay except for the fact that it was grossly unrealistic — even beyond the point to which I can usually suspend disbelief. Then, had a quick dinner and watched the pilot of Alias since I picked up the first season boxed set.

Now, I'm just puttering around and wasting time for the most part. Watching up2date crawl along on the laptop and catching up on email mainly.