Would someone please remove the vise from around my head? Thanks.

Sinuses are trying to kill me. As usual, I'm being stubborn about it and just plodding along. I am taking Sudafed, though, and it sort of pretends to help for little periods at a time.

Had an okay day. Got into work in time for the weekly meeting. Had to be kind of annoying about some things, but hopefully they'll work themselves out. Then, spent some time going through and trying (unsuccessfully) to reproduce some reported bugs. And essentially spent the entire day doing just that. Which is useful, even if a little bit annoying at times. Did do a simple stupid kernel patch and sent that off.

Eventually decided to come home and sat and watched some tv and did nothing for a little while. Feel a little bad about it, but oh well. Now, I'm sitting and poking around online and considering doing a little bit more work or reading.

3 thoughts on “267156”

  1. Jeremy, the Wonder Lord

    I work at a veterinary specialty clinic…would you like some morphine? ketamine? sodium pentobarbitol?

    The weekend will be here soon…hopefully you can take it easy then…

    Hope you feel better.

  2. Re: Jeremy, the Wonder Lord

    I’m good, I’ve been mostly just ignoring my allergies for over a decade now. Annoying at times, but I get through it.

    And yes, the weekend is nigh. And it’s a long weekend to boot. Woohoo!

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