Not a bad day, even if I do have a splitting headache that's trying to kill me.

Woke up and got to campus early this morning, dropped into a lab and poked around for a little bit before class. I think that I might as well wait and catch the bus that runs slightly later than that one and sleep for another 15 minutes. Class wasn't bad, homework for one was confirmed as pushed back and homework was assigned for the other one.

Went to work and started looking at some things. Finally knocked out a bug thta had been outstanding for a while. Well, “fixed”, based off of msw's suggestion. Spent a long time looking at it and dietlibc and things like that to try to find a real cause. Eventually gave up and went with the hack. Also fixed a few other minor things and went over the docs I had reviewed with the appropriate writers.

Eventually decided it was time to head home and so grabbed a quick dinner and came home. Sat back and watched episodes 7 and 8 of From the Earth to the Moon while I did some more doc reviewing. Then sat and watched for a bit without actually doing anything else.

Finished that up and decided I should do some of the homework that's due on Friday. So, sat down and knocked out four of the five problems in a little less than an hour. Which considering the pain in the ass that analysis is, wasn't too terribly bad.

All in all, not much to complain about. Well, other than the headache. Damned sinuses.