Productive and fun in one day, surely not!

Woke up at a reasonable hour and got started looking at some stuff. Kind of lazed around for a bit and didn't get a whole lot done. Then, made some soup for lunch and looked at my functional analysis stuff some. Made a little bit of progress, although not necessarily as much as I should have.

Then, went out and picked up the recliner I've been looking at. Conned into going with me so that we could put it in the back of his 4Runner and I could get out of a delivery charge. Score. So, I now have a nice comfortable recliner to sit in and read or work from home in. Sat down and started to watch some more of From the Earth to the Moon.

Got about halfway through an episode before I got a call asking about doing a picnic for dinner. Seemed like a fun and different from my normal routine idea so went with it. Eventually got to Pullen Park where we ate and sat around and talked some. Ended up going back to swim a bit and then I decided I should come home.

Came home and finished watching the episode of From the Earth to the Moon that I had started as well as watching a second one. While I was doing this, I did something that I said I would do for work. Also sat down and reviewed two install guides — I find it interesting that every time I review them, I find something else that's been in there for a while and been out of date for a while. And it doesn't matter how many times I review them, I still come up with new ones.

Now, I'm sitting and debating looking at analysis a little bit more or reading before going to bed. Probably going to do a little bit of both. Then, class tomorrow and hopefully the start of a better week at work.

See, I can play the part of an optimist. The glass doesn't always have to be half-empty šŸ˜‰