English Abuse

I really worry about the English language as my mom IMs me and says things like “u r welcome”.

I mean, I know that I butcher sentences through my use of fragments and my punctuation and capitalization at the beginning of sentences is sometimes lacking, but I just don't see it as the same category of English abuse.

Random thoughts on a random feeling morning.

7 thoughts on “English Abuse”

  1. I have found that people relatively new to the net, especially moms and dads and aunts and uncles (but usually not grandparents), begin using what my sister calls “netspeak” right off the bat not out of a desire to minimize keystrokes or because it’s part of their everyday language, but because they think they’re supposed to because everyone else does it.

  2. My mom does the same thing for what I assume to be the same reason. But I think those that hunt and peck also try to do what they can to minimize the typing they have to do.

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