So first day back in class today. It'll be interesting at least. And kind of fun, too, I think. I've usually kind of liked taking classes and learning things so it'll be good to do that again.

MA523 looks like it should be a pretty fun and interesting class. The professor seems to enjoy the subject even if she is a little flighty. I'm not necessarily expecting it to be an easy class, but I don't think it should be too terribly difficult based on the syllabus and the like.

I also went and sat in on MA515 (functional analysis) since it's one of the classes I'll have to take if I end up getting my master's. Although the real analysis classes I took were horrid, I think I'm going to at least stick through a week or two to decide if I really want to take six hours of classes. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes sense to do so, though, so I probably will. Especially since the first part of the semester should be the worst part for me with work stuff.

Then, went into work and basically spent the day tracking down and fixing random bugs. Not a whole lot exciting, really. Came home and wasted some time watching tv and am now poking around online and considering reading for a bit.