6 thoughts on “264047”

  1. boxers versus briefs

    I was hoping that this week was a trick question whose correct response was “Green”…because if that were the case, I would have already won an UNO card and an all-expense paid trip to Lincoln, Nebraska.

  2. But what is there to do in Lincoln, Nebraska anyway? If it’s a trick question, can’t the prize at least be a trip to somewhere interesting?

  3. Nebraska: The corn-holio State

    I think corn surfing and tractor races are interesting…but then again, I don’t eat meat and I love bloody gore so my interests don’t always appeal to the masses…giving them very little leverage during debates and arguments regarding the level of interests of Nebraska…

    But just so you know, Nebraska IS the Corn Husker State, they have the world’s largest indoor rain forest, Spam is produced in Fremont, they have the largest Kolache festival, the weight room at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is the largest in the country (covers 3/4 of an acre), they have the largest porch swing in the world, they are the first in the world to offer a college course about radio personality Rush Limbaugh, no female wearing a “hat that would scare a timid person” can be seen eating onions in public, and it was once called “The Great American Desert.”

    So, Jer, don’t find the big Ne so boring now, eh? And I’ll have you know that I actually took time to find that stuff out for your live journal entry…you probably just realized that I am more boring than any state I could have possibly ever listed.

  4. Interesting. More trivia to file away and maybe use someday.

    And I don’t think that looking those things up makes you boring. Bored, maybe, yes. But not boring.:)

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