Finished reading Nexus: Small Worlds and the Groundbreaking Theory of Networks. Interesting read. Not necessarily a lot of information that I hadn't picked up in other places, but it's kind of interesting and it was good to think about again since I hadn't really thought about it much in a while. Of course, now as I walk around, I see small world networks everywhere I go. Then again, that's part of the whole point of the theory.

I really need to do something about book storage, though. I'm currently just stacking them up under my bedside table, but I'm rapidly running out of space there. It'd be nice to have a room with the walls lined with bookshelves that I could use for book storage. My own personal library as it were. Of course, then I'd probably be obsessive compulsive about organizing them. And the question of what the best way to organize my collection of books is an interesting one. Solely by author? Like a normal library (genres within fiction, non-fiction by Dewey Decimal (interesting aside, the publisher of the Dewey Decimal system can be found online and a new version is due out in September)), Library of Congress categorization, something else entirely?

Also started syncing a current tree home. Then I can plug in one of my test boxes here and test my changes from last night without having to go to the office. Or at least, test them enough for them to be commitable and let QA poke holes in anything I missed.

But now, it is time to go get some food.

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  1. I’d probably go with separating into fiction/non-fiction and then deciding on categories from that point and then by author’s last name. Unless you were wanting to make a card catolog for yourself as well. If you were going to do that, I’d say put them in an entirely random order, but record the order.

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