More work today. More not really getting things working today. Grrr. The kernel and I are no longer on speaking terms.

Decided O_DIRECT is utter shit. Especially if you want to try to use it to read or write the last sector of the disk when the disk has an odd number of sectors. *sigh* And why do the kernel people think this is better than the crap get last block ioctl? Well, granted, that was crap too, but it at least was crap that worked. And unfortunately, 2.6.0-test3 doesn't boot on Itanic, so I can't see if it's better there.

End rant.

Was pointed to something neat today, though… DHTML Lemmings. Yes, you can now play Lemmings from nothing more than a relatively recent browser. No Java required. Insanity. Could be quite addicting if I let it be, though. So I think I'll avoid it and just leave it here in case I get bored.

Attempted and failed to find my calculators this evening. I wonder what I did with them. Would be nice to be able to find at least one of the TIs for class, though. Might just break down and buy a TI-89 this weekend. Or maybe I'll wait and ask my sister if maybe she has them. Or wait until after class starts to decide what to do. We shall see.

Definitely need to run out at some point this weekend and get some pencils, paper, and that sort of useful thing. Especially since I didn't really find any going through my desk drawers.