Productive day for the most part, even if was absurdly tired this morning. Finally tracked down a silly segfault and fixed it. I love rpm sometimes.

People seem to have gotten interested in Friendster again. Interesting that this should happen as I'm reading a book on small world networks. Vague ponderings about taking the time to sit down and scrape raw data to see what sort of correlations can be determined. Probably won't get around to it, though.

4 thoughts on “262068”

  1. At the very least, you should join Friendster so I can expand my personal network. 😉

    I started looking into it for work–I’ve been doing research for our communities and blogging teams–and wasn’t impressed, but it’s a neat little phenomenon, and has been useful in tracking down old friends.

  2. I poked around a few months ago when some other friends of mine were looking at it. Now I’m poking around again. It’s … mildly interesting at least.

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