Hrmm, and still need to decide on what class to take in the fall. I'm pretty much down to deciding between either MA520 (Linear Algebra) or MA523 (Linear Transformations and Matrix Theory). So they're fairly similar in a lot of ways and offered at the same time, so there's not really a good differentation that I can see. Any opinions from the peanut gallery?

MA 520 Linear Algebra
Vector spaces. Bases and dimension. Changes of basis. Linear transformations and their matrices. Linear functionals. Simultaneous triangularization and diagonalization. Rational and Jordan canonical forms. Bilinear forms.

MA 523 Linear Transformations and Matrix Theory
Vector spaces, linear transformations and matrices, orthogonality, orthogonal transformations with emphasis on rotations and reflections, matrix norms, projectors, least squares, generalized inverses, definite matrices, singular values.

Unfortunately, too many classes are offered either in the afternoon or at a time that conflicts with meetings that I have. Otherwise, there were a few others that looked like they could be interesting.

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