Weekend Update

Long and busy weekend…

Left work on Friday at a decent-ish hour and eventually headed out to dinner at Salsa Fresh. Tried the quesadilla there which was actually pretty good. Remembered that I'd been wanting to pick up a Trivial Pursuit board and so picked up the 20th anniversary edition. It has an interesting dispenser for the question cards at least. Went and played that for a while with some people and then another Real Genius viewing was in order. Came home and crashed.

Woke up Saturday morning and was about to call and see where my parents were and they called me saying they were nearly to Chapel Hill. So, hopped in the shower and then headed out there to help move all of my sister's stuff in. Lots of furniture and lots of stuff to set up, but we got it all basically done. Sat around and waited on the idiot technician from Time Warner to show up to hook up their cable and their cable modem. He, of course, managed to screw things up somewhat. Fixed them after he left. While I waited, worked on getting a cipe patch into kbuild. It built, but after testing, doesn't seem to work :/ Then, dinner with my parents and headed back to Raleigh.

It was time for msw's birthday party, which I think turned out quite well. Pictures to be posted soon. Several good gag gifts and some good non-gag gifts as well. I think that everyone had lots of fun. Didn't end up drinking, although multiple people seemed to think I should have. *shrug* Peer pressure has no effect on me really. Around 3:30 or so, ended up going to the diner across the street and getting some food. Finally got home a little after 5 or thereabouts.

Today, slept in a little bit longer and woke up about noon. Worked a bit on getting the gallery for the pictures together as well as just generally lazing around the apartment and doing things like laundry that are just useful to do. Caught up on my Jeopardy viewing and then started hacking on the TiVo Home Media stuff. Got that working and then went to dinner. Came home, watched Intacto and now here I am.

Thinking I might read for a bit and then go to bed. Or putter around pretending to do work for a bit first maybe.