Hmmm, remembered about the Home Media Option trial on the Tivo. So, broke out one of the programs which I found in a quick search to see what I could get to work. And, well, it sucks.

Actually, I should qualify a bit. It seems to work fine with mp3s when I went and pointed it at a directory with some mp3s. But it's ogg conversion code? Lame. Broken. Crap.

So, I'm either going to look at fixing that or writing my own I think. It's not that bad to write, especially in python. Maybe a good weekend hack. Figure I'll look more at this server first and if an hour or so doesn't point out the obvious problems, I'll get hacking. But I definitely need to get out the laptop and sit in the living room — getting up and walking back and forth got annoying even in the 15 minutes I've already poked šŸ˜‰

12 thoughts on “259425”

  1. which server did you try?

    I had the most luck with “byRequest” but its kind of
    marginal at best. Cant seem to get any images
    to load either.

  2. I’m not a community but you seem like an interesting person. I’ve added you to my friends list, you’re welcome to add me back

  3. Not at all. Just suggesting that, since communities are places where more than one person can post, and since you and the rest of you in you might not consider yourselves one person, I can understand where she could get confused that this was a community. Or not?

  4. turbid assurance

    Hey, Jeremy,

    Network messed up and couldn’t find my last response on your Live Journal…

    Just wanted to make sure you knew fried pickles are still pickles only with more texture…

    Take care,

    P.S. If I’m talking to myself right now, then I definitely am compatible with this non-community community of self-talkers.

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