Reasonable enough day. Got some stuff done, though not quite as much as I might have liked. Hopefully will do better tomorrow. Just a kind of imposing body of things to do and hard to say where to start. I'm probably just going to throw caution to the wind, throw in updated stuff and start and then just start fixing stuff.

Got started thinking today about machines, too, after my desktop decided it wanted to act up last night. The X31 is really a tempting little box. Would be nice to have a smaller laptop with better battery life in the fall, too. Or, I could spend a little less and go for one of the little Dell desktop boxes (probably a 4600C, the small form factor is appealing these days) and a flat panel. Or just continue to do nothing.

Didn't go to the LUG meeting tonight — instead, went to an absurdly slow dinner at Sushi Thai. The food was mediocre but the service was horrendous. So, they go back on my restaurant blacklist I think.

Came home and upgraded my desktop box here to Severn. Used my laptop running 2.6.0-test1 as an NFS server for the install and it held up… so 2.6 may not suck too bad right now. At least, aside from the many ways it does. Also built cvs cipe and it seems to work with 2.6 which is good so that I can avoid having to deal with crappy vpnc.

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