Good enough day I guess. Went into work, knocked out one of the most annoying bugs sitting open (though I need to add some code to make it easier to automate the testing of), finished up some stuff I planned to do on Friday, and then went through the vast majority of my open bugs closing out ones that were no longer valid.

Then, went out to trivia at King's where we again did mediocre. Almost won the picture round, but I blew the tiebreaker. I knew that my losing interest in paleontology would come back to haunt me some day 🙂

Tomorrow (and the rest of the week probably), I'm hoping to spend on fixing up redhat-config-packages for some of the new stuff present for multilib as well as hopefully adding some new stuff while I'm at it. We'll see how that goes, I guess. Should be nice and different to be able to work on a running system for a little bit at least.

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