Slept in this morning (raise your hand if you're surprised 🙂 and then saw that devserv was down. Headed in to kick it and it had been kicked less than ten minutes before I got there :/ Oh well. Proceeded to the Record Exchange where I picked up some used CDs. Then, ran by Target to pick up a few things.

Came home and decided it was time to get rid of the crap in the back seat of my car. Deposited the empty water battles in the recycling center and threw out the trash. Then, came in and started cleaning up the apartment. Managed to pick up the living room and my room before dinner.

Headed out to Pulcinella with and . Was moderately amused by the fact that the owner recognizes me by now. It's not like I eat there all that often. But I guess I have always previously gone with gafton who goes much more frequently. I really do need to just usually go out there for Italian — sure it's a little further, but we didn't have to wait and the food is far better than any of the chain Italian places.

Came home and watched Heathers. Amusing in some ways, definitely some good lines.

Then, went back to cleaning. Vacuumed everywhere, cleaned out my closet somewhat and the bathroom.

Now the only thing I have to do tomorrow before the party is run by the grocery store and pick up some chicken to grill.