What a day… in list form

  • Woke up and poked through bugzilla a little before heading into work
  • rhl.redhat.com was unveiled to the world. Did some discussion and following things that went on there
  • More interviewing
  • Consensus building based on interviews.
  • Scrambled to fix some bugs (or more so, track down the cause of some things and see they had nice easy fixes 🙂
  • Watched build server crash a lot… schedule an outage for tomorrow night to look at the hardware
  • Left work early
  • Dinner at Baba Ghannouj, where I'd never eaten even though it's five minutes from my apartment. It was actually quite good, I'll go back
  • Trivia night at King's. We sucked. Solidly at the bottom of the top third. Our “know your Raleigh/Chapel Hill bands”-foo was not so good (since that was basically all )
  • Home, caught up on email, poked at a few things

Now, I'm going to go read a little and then go to sleep. Tomorrow promises to be an interesting day (as always..)

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