Good weekend for the most part. Lots of movie watching in retrospect.

Friday night, played with 2.6-test a little and then ended up going over and joining folks to watch Donnie Darko (awesome movie, if you haven't seen it, you should. If you're in the area and haven't, you're welcome to borrow my copy). Stuck around talking about all kinds of random crap and eventually came home and crashed.

Slept in on Saturday and then woke up to run some errands that needed running. Went by Lenscrafters to get the screw in my sunglasses replaced (I need a better collection of small glasses screws I think). Then, went over to Barnes & Noble to look around and use the rest of my gift card. Ended up getting a couple of mathy books that looked interesting since I do still have a few fiction books to read. Then, went to help move — after spending over half an hour waiting at the U-Haul place, things actually went fairly quickly (took us about two hours to load and unload everything).

Then, over to get fed for my help moving over the weekend of the 4th. Mmmm… good food. And good company to boot as well. Ended up watching SNL, Life of Brian and more general talking about the life, the universe and everything.

Today, slept in again (hm… pattern for me on the weekends). Then, woke up and poked around at some stuff. Eventually took a shower and decided to just sit and watch The Shining instead of doing anything useful. Got interrupted partway through to do some work stuff which wasn't a huge deal and didn't take too long. Then, dinner with , , and . Came home and watched The Recruit.

Now, have taken care of a few little things that needed to be done this weekend for work (like, oh, say preparing for the interview I'm doing in the morning). Also, made progress towards actually being able to register for a class in the fall. Now, I think I'm going to putter around a little bit more on IRC and then head off to read a bit more in The Nothing That Is before going to bed.