Fairly busy week.

Monday night, left work early, came home and finished reading Wizard's First Rule as was recommended to me by the well-read . Enjoyed it quite a bit, so I'm going to have to pick up some of the other books in that series now.

Tuesday, work, work, worked. Then, went to LUG to see msw's pygtk presentation. After LUG, ate at the Korean place and came home and got some more work done.

Wednesday, more working (surprised? :). Had the 30 minute crash course in our interviewing technique so that I could do some interviewing of some candidates for a position we have. Then, dinner with , , and Jo at Tandoor. We then went to see Pirates of the Carribean which I enjoyed quite a bit. There was enough humor in it to make it obvious that they knew it was somewhat ludicrous and made it really good. The acting was surprisingly good a well.

Yesterday was much less boring in I just worked all day. Came home late and read a little before going to bed. Managed to get quite a bit done, though at least.

Today was working, fixing bugs as they came up, and doing one of the two interviews I'm tasked with this time around. It was interesting, especially since it was my first time in a Red Hat interview on either side of the table 🙂

Now, to go waste some time because, damn it, it's the weekend and I actually did manage to pretty much get everything which needed to be done this week (somehow, amazingly).