Been something of a bum today. Did run by the Cingular store and got ignored for a while. Left without talking to them. Just went into Best Buy and found a belt clip that will work with my phone's case for $8. And it doesn't have the annoying problem that my old belt clip had. Also, poked around in Border's and looked some at C# books — thinking about playing with Mono and figure having a C# book might help with that.

2 thoughts on “246607”

  1. Although I hate to say it: The Microsoft Press C# For Java Developers is a pretty good book for learning C# if you already know Java inside and/or out.

  2. Nah, I’m not a Java head… python and C are mostly what I deal with, with sprinklings of asm and C++ to keep things interesting.

    A Programmer’s Guide to C#, Beginning C#, and the ORA books have been given as recommendations in various places I’ve looked. I just need to sit down in a book store and more thoroughly look at a few of them and pick one. It’s probably irrelevant what I choose since I usually just read the first bit of computer books (especially language books) and then just use them as a reference as needed.

    Oh, and sorry about forgetting about your move. I lost my livejournal cookie and didn’t see the reminder/directions until tonight.

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