Oh, and the belt clip for my phone finally decided to completely die. So I might drop by the Cingular store this weekend and see if they have any phones which should get better signal — it would be nice to be able to get signal *in* my apartment.

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  1. Tied to Cingular?

    I don’t know if you’re tied to staying with Cingular, but for some reason I generally have much better signals on my Sprint PCS phone when my friends don’t have much signal at all. At my house, I generally have a very good signal on my phone while Janell hardly has any signal at all (she’s on Verizon, I think, or are they Cingular now?). Same thing where my brother was staying in New York City this summer. In addition, I get free evening and weekends, free long distance, and free sprint-to-sprint calls on my phone. I didn’t get the Vision plan, but some friends have unlimited Vision (which is their data plan) and use that to connect to the Internet from just about anywhere.

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