Weekend Update

So, ended up having a somewhat different weekend than I expected at the outset. Had a good time, though, even if I didn't end up getting everything I had planned on doing done.

Slept in a bit on Friday and then woke up. Looked at my email and started to slowly get back to work on the stuff that I need to have done for work tomorrow. Made a little bit of progress and decided I had reached a good stopping point to go run a few errands. Also, realized I should call msw to see when this July 4th cookout/party I was going to be going to was actually starting. As I turned on my phone (at 2:30), I had a voicemail from msw saying things were starting at around 2:30. So, instead of errands or continuing to do useful work, I headed out towards Anna's place for the festivities. Ate, had conversation, played Super Monkey Ball 2, and generally had a good time. Eventually we decided it was a good idea to head to work to see the fireworks (from the top of the parking deck). Got there and ran into more people and then back to Anna's for more of the same. Also to include watching The Big Lebowski. Anyway, ended up leaving there about 3:30 or so. Came home, read my email, wound down and headed to bed.

Yesterday, woke up and headed out to Apex for Jonathan's going away party. More good conversation and food. Eventually headed out of there as things were dying down and headed back to Raleigh for the continuation of the 4th festivities. Well, or more accurately, to help in the moving. Impressively, six of us did the moving of everything in less than two hours. And it was a fair bit of stuff. Did some other stuff I don't remember anymore until eventually we decided it was time for dinner (at about 10 pm). Ended up at Chili's since it was close and open. Not bad. Then, watching of Celebrity Jeopardy clips and the South Park movie. Left and got home at about 3. Similarly, read my email, headed to bed.

Today, slept in a bit and eventually woke up. Spent a while motivating myself and then finally got down to getting back to work. I've made slow, but steady, progress through the day and actually might end up with hmost of what I wanted done. Not quite all of it, but close enough probably. While doing this, I watched the first four parts of From the Earth to the Moon which was pretty well done. Watching HBO original stuff like that makes me consider actually getting HBO.

Anyway, good weekend and managed to not work the whole thing away. Although there are bad points there, the good points probably outweigh the bad. I just wish that fixing things related to tree building was a faster process. Making a change and then kicking off a tree means that I have to wait 10-20 minutes (depending on where in the process it lies) to find out if the change actually did what I wanted. And some of it, I really can't make much faster easily :/

Anyway… Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.