Looks like I'm probably going to start back at NCSU in the fall to finish up my Applied Math degree since I finally talked with msw about it today and he doesn't have a problem with it. Nothing absurd, just taking a class a semester. With curriculum changes, it turns out that all I have to take is three math classes (as opposed to two math classes and a humanities). So, I basically have to take probability and two math classes of my choice. Still have to go through the formalities of filling out the paperwork to reapply to the university, but that's simple. Then, just have to decide which of a few interesting looking classes to take.

Should be a nice distraction from work by giving me something else to think about, which will probably have the side effect of making me more productive.

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  1. I’ll remind you again later, but when you figure out what classes you want, especially for the spring semester (since I’m already at 20 hours with senior design for fall semester) let me know on the rare chance that I meet the pre-req’s for it.

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