Productive day today (for a change). This week has been a bit bad for that — just haven't succeeded in getting things that I wanted to done. So, this afternoon, sat down and came up with a list of things that needed doing and proceeded to do what I thought was 2.5 days or so of work this afternoon/evening. Can't complain much about that.

Otherwise, finished Harry Potter on Sunday, watched 8 Mile on Monday and didn't do anything of note that I can remember yesterday. 8 Mile was actually fairly good and interesting.

Going to go read a little bit now before heading to bed, maybe a little early. Tomorrow looks to be meeting-rific, which probably means I won't be as lucky about getting stuff done as today, but I can cross my fingers.

2 thoughts on “239930”

  1. Hmm… everyone seems to like 8 Mile except for me. It may just be because I’m not too fond of Eminem that I don’t like it. Darn those biases.

  2. I have no fondness for Eminem either for any of a number of reasons. Still found it to be a kind of interesting movie.

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