Hmm… been a little bit. So, the abbreviated version.

Last weekend, was in town. So, did various things with him, , , and . Didn't get much work done, but that was okay. Did have some good food.

Sunday, had lunch with , and others. Good to see them. Talked about a variety of things. Went and got measured for a tux for their wedding.

This week, have mostly been working on multilib stuff. Scrambled on Monday to get a lot of the non-multilib specific bits done so that I could merge them in for a deadline. Then continued on with figuring out how to handle biarch and arch scoring. Not entirely happy with the solution I've got, but it does work (at least, the anaconda side — I've turned up an interesting side effect of the RPM side that causes problems). Did get the i386 OpenOffice.org package installed on an AMD64 box via anaconda before I left work this evening.

Spent a little bit last night and more tonight working on fixing compile failures when using gcc 3.3. Pretty boring stuff, nothing too bad. C++ code not including <assert.h> when using assert(), including varargs.h instead of stdarg.h, bad preprocessor token pasting, and the removal of multiline string literals are the majority of the problems.

Also, finished reading both Neverwhere and The Inmates are Running the Asylum. Both were good, the first quite enjoyable. Similar to 's comment recently, I was sure I had read it before, but after reading it am not so sure.

And, that's about all that's up with me. Holiday weekend this weekend, not doing anything much. Probably going to try to get some stuff done on things that I normally don't find time for.